The Armaghan sanctuary was built in 2009, but it’s difficult to define the exact age of the ancient ruins, since there is no data about it and the place is unexplored. But judging by the old cemetery and gravestones this treasure belongs to deep antiquity – to the period when the traditional Armenian khachkar art (crosstone) was just starting. The stones lack any decorations typical for khachkars; there are only human silhouettes and pitchers which clearly symbolize abundance, wealth.

IMG_2009Also there is pagan symbolism present on the stones but they’re difficult to distinguish. For example, a circle with a dot in the center symbolizes the Heart of the World. It is the symbol of motherhood, fertility and abundance, the feminine self and the sun. In the temple itself there are two old graves. But even in the new walls it feels that the place is prayed-in.  At the altar there are wax candles and safety matches. Anyone can light a candle for free. The residents of nearby villages make pilgrimages here. And this time we met two young guys in the temple from the village of Madina. You look at them and are amazed by the spiritual purity and verdancy these guys with eyes blue as Lake Sevan. They are open and friendly. You can book a tour to Armaghan on our website.


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