New opened Tsovasar Family Rest Complex in Sevan

The family rest house “Tsovasar Sevan” is a unique complex which was built on the shore of Lake Sevan on a territory of 10.000 sq. m and is foreseen for a comfortable and safe family stay and presents an interview with the founder of the complex Ishkhan Saghatelyan.


_DSC0091Mr. Saghatelyan, we congratulate you for the opening of “Tsovasar” family rest complex. The first question. Probably it is not a secret that nowadays even construction companies of Yerevan complain about price declines of real estate, what prompted you to carry out such a large investment in the region.

Thank you. Our company which works in real estate market, in 2011 decided to build a family rest complex with all modern standards, where every Armenian, from Armenia or Diaspora will be able to have his own apartment, on the shores of Lake Sevan. Buyer of an apartment or a cottage in “Tsovasar ” can sign a contract with us and his apartment will be rented by tourists in his absent time. We would like to note that there is not a complex, which is only intended for a family vacation, there is no lake, and our investment objective is to fill this gap. The feature of “Tsovasar” is that it was built by using modern construction technology and high quality materials.

What potential does Sevan have for the development of tourism?

As many places in Armenia, Sevan has a great and unused potential too. This investment will certainly focus on the development of the lake.

The rising of the level of the lake can be a problem for the complex.

Taking into account also the predictions concerning the water level increase of the lake, the building works were carried out according to the norms and criteria defined by the government; the main structures was built at the altitude of 1908 m above sea level.

As the photos show, the formerly area of “Tsovasar” was bedr mec

Yes, it was a deserted land. There was nothing. Everything we have created. We bring here electricity, gas, build 1.5 kilometers sewerage. This part of the lake is the fastest developing now.

What kind of plans there are concerning with the complex, which will be implemented in the near future.

I should note that the complex is fully prepared for organizing and providing the rest of the owners of the apartments. Which number is growing. This means that we have completed the main construction stage. Next works will be carried out for making more complete and enjoyable stay for our guests.

Mr. Saghatelyan, the opening of the complex, which took place recently, was honored by the President. Whit what kind of opinions and impressions did he leave.

The presence of the President of Armenia means that implementation of investment projects in the regions is very important. We unlike many other companies realized our first major investment in the region, which, as you mentioned in the first question, is considered to be a very risky step. The President was satisfied. He asked about conditions of rest and the possibility of entertainment and advised to expand.

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