Armenia’s history and the nation’s pride lie in the Armavir region, particularly in the town of Echmiadzin. It is considered to be the “Vatican City” of Armenia. Echmiadzin is the center of the Armenian Church. Inside-Echmiadzin-Cathedral-Echmiadzin-Armavir-ArmeniaIt is where the Catholics of ALL Armenians lives, and the location of the Echmiadzin Cathedral. The Echmiadzin Cathedral is the oldest state –built church in the world.

It is a scenic place to visit. The main church structure is pretty large. It is a traditional Armenian design with a belfry and a number of rotundas. Most of the exterior is plain until you make it around to the entrance which is intricately carved and very beautiful. Scholars believe that one of the characteristics that distinguish Echmiadzin from other churches in the area is the high content of wooden structures. The roof was originally built out of solid wood, resembling that of a peasant home. This roof was later replaced by one made out of stone in order to prevent deterioratopn.

The complex includes the Echmiadzin Cathedral, the vestry, residences, musums, Gevorkian Theological Seminary, V. and T. Manoukyan Library and many other amenities. For the purpose of storing the relics and gifts to Armenian Church three more buildings were added to the cathedral in 1869. They are used as the temple’s museum which was open in 1955.1400562356_5vnw6k8rwlg

Gayane, Hripsime, Shoghakat and other churches, built at various various times place of small and not to expressive fourth –century chapels, complement it from the point of view of architecture and layout. St. Gregory had chapels built over relics of the nuns, and later Catholics Sahag Bartheb rebuilt the chapels.


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