dca1a1f7595e5f1ac6c2a21bc62c3dbfThe best way to spend a weekend is to go on a short trip.

Armenia is the best option for a weekend holiday. We have organized a special tour packages for holidays in Armenia for a weekend. The tour packages include visits to several attractions of Armenia:  Echmiadzin, Garni, Sevan. These are the most famous attractions in Armenia and are not far from Yerevan. As a result, you can get an impression of our country, learn its history in a short period of time without getting tired of the long road.

The duration of each tour is 5 hours, and in result you will have lot of free time. Visiting  Armenia at the weekend you can throughout the year. For residing you can choose a hotel in Yerevan.

The tour packages are composed with a hotel in Yerevan 4 * and 5 *, however,if you would like to rent an apartment in Yerevan, it is also possible.6334012460_fe60df05b1_z

The price is calculated  for 1 person in a group of 2-6 people and includes: accommodation in a double room. Single room is also possible, with the additional calculation.

Of course, you can spend a weekend in very different ways. However, weekend in Armenia is a great option for those who want to combine relaxation with new discoveries.

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